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3 Wheel Roulette is self explanatory, it is a roulette game that has three wheels on top of each other. Therefore, when you spin the wheel, you are spinning three different roulette wheels. This means that players will have more than one chance to win, as they will have three chances. This is why it is one of the most commonly played roulette games because of its winning odds.


Three Wheel Roulette is an IGT powered game through its subsidiary. This game appeals to all of the roulette fans and players as it gives them the chance to enjoy their favorite game with a twist. There are many multi wheel roulette games out there but in these games, the players will bet on different roulette wheels with different outcomes. This is not the case with this game, in 3 Wheel Roulette, there is one ball and three wheels that players can bet on. Also in this game, the players will have it place a bet on the three wheels, they cannot deactivate one of the wheels and activate another.

Graphics and Sound Effects

Since the game is powered by IGT, the players can expect outstanding visuals and equally amazing sound effects that makes players feel that they are sitting at the biggest roulette table in the biggest Las Vegas casinos. This game can be found at any of the IGT powered casinos such as Mr. Green Casino, which is one of the most reputable casinos in the industry.

Starting the Game and Placing Wagers

The players will start the game by placing their desired bets. These bets can be placed at the right hand side of the screen where the wagering layout exists. The players will be presented with the different wagers that they can find at any roulette table. They will also find numerous chip sizes under the wagering layouts. The available chip sizes are 1, 5, 25, 100, 500 and 1000 credits. The player will click on the chip size they want and then place it on the numbers or the bets they want to wager on. The players will also see how much the wagers pay through this wagering layout

The Available Wagers

As mentioned, players will find similar wagers that they can find at roulette games. This includes odd and even bets, black and red bets, single number wagers, firs half and second half wagers, first 1/3, second 1/3 and third 1/3 wagers among others.

Game Play

After the players set their wagers, they will click on the Spin button. This spin button is found on the right side at the bottom. This will cause the three wheels to start spinning and the ball will start spinning as well until it lands on a number which marks the winning number. The player will then be paid his winnings if there is any.

After all is paid, the players will find a few options. There is the clear all option which will allow the player to clear all of the previous wagers or the present wagers so he can place new ones. There is the double bet option that allows the player to double up his previous bets if he is feeling lucky. There is also the Undo option which allows players to undo the last action and the last bet that they have placed on the wagering area.

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