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Baccarat pro series is one of the classical versions of Baccarat. This game is developed by Net Entertainment and it follows the same exact rules of the standard Baccarat game. The tie between the player and the dealer pays 9 for 1. This game allows players to place bets on the dealer, the player or a tie. Players can place one bet or a combination of bets. This is why this game is believed to be one of the most interesting card games.


Baccarat is a card game that is very popular among online and land based players. It is a card game where a player and a banker (the dealer) play against each other while another player will place bets on who he thinks will be the winner or he can bet that the game will end in a tie. The game does not require any set of skills or major decisions since players will only pick a side and they will watch the game as it unfolds to declare a winner.

This Baccarat version, Baccarat Pro Series is developed by Net Entertainment, also known as Net Ent, this is why players can expect to find a card game that has high quality graphics and outstanding sound effects so they can enjoy a gambling environment that resembles real land based casinos. The game is available for Baccarat players at Mr. Green Casino and other casinos that are provided with casino games by the same software developer, Net Ent.

Placing Wagers and Starting the Game

Before cards can be dealt, players will have to place their desired wagers. They can do that by choosing any of the available chip sizes, these chips, like any other card game by Net Ent, can be found at the bottom right side. Each chip has a value and its own color. There is the blue chip (1 credit), the orange chip (10 credits) and a red chip (5 credits). Players will also find another chip, a grey one that does not have a value, this chip can be used to delete and remove any wagers that players have placed. Players will then click on the Player, The Dealer or a Tie. The Tie pays 9 to 1 since the odds are low.

Gaming Procedure

After players place their desired wagers, they will click deal. The player and the dealer will get two cards facing up. The hand value of cards in this game depends on the card values while 10s are equal zeros. For example, a hand that has a Jack and a 4 is equal a 4 not a 14. The hand total of each hand will show right above it, if none of the hands has a hand total that is equal 9, a third card will be dealt and so on until one of the hands has a hand total that is equal 9. Then, the hand that has the higher value will be the winning hand.

The player will not participate in the game play after he places the wagers, he will just watch the two hands being dealt and getting dealt more cards until a winner is declared. The dealer in this game is called the Banker. This is why players will see the banker hand on the right and the player’s hand on the left.

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