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Bingo is a Net Ent developed game that can be found at online casinos such as Mr. Green Casino. In this game, players can purchase up to nine Bingo tickets. Then a draw will take place just like the normal Bingo game. Players can go with the draw or finish it instantly by clicking finish draw. Players will be paid for each row that they achieve. This is an amazing fast paced game that is dedicated to bingo player who do not want to sit for long and boring bingo games.


Bingo is one of the most commonly played social games in the world. This is why online casinos and software developers decided to capitalize on its popularity by transforming it into an online casino game that can be enjoyed at casinos. The online version of bingo games enables users to enjoy a quick and a simple game of bingo without having to go and spend hours in boring bingo halls. This is because there are no other players involved at the bingo games at the online casinos. In these games, players will buy one ticket or more than one ticket and a bingo machine will start pumping out bingo balls and the matching numbers will be marked on the tickets and players will then be rewarded according to the paytable, which is much different from the usual and traditional land based bingo game.

Of course, since the game is from the gaming portfolio of Net entertainment, the players can expect to see wonderful graphics and really entertaining audio effects accompanied by a very smooth game play.

Gaming Procedure

The game would start after players buy their bingo cards. They will be able to do that at the right side of the screen by clicking on the Buy. Each ticket would cost players 2 casino credits and players can buy up to three tickets. The players will be able to do that by clicking on Select button that is found under each ticket and then click buy.
After that, the players will be able to start the game. They will then click on Next in order to pump out one bingo ball. The number on that ball will be marked on all of the tickets that the players purchased. Then the players will click Next one more time to pump another ball and so on. Since this game is a 30-ball bingo, players will click on that button thirty times. As for players who would like to save time, they will be able to save a lot of time by clicking on finish draw. This would cause all of the thirty balls to be pumped out and the numbers marked in the matter of seconds. This enables them a quick game instead of having to click on the next button thirty times.

The payouts that the players will earn depend on the winning formations they achieved and when they achieved it. For example, the players who achieve winning formations form the first five to eight balls, they will earn 1,000 casino credits per formation, as for players who succeed in creating a winning formation from the first 9 to eleven balls will earn 200 casino credits per formation. As for players who create a formation within the last 5 balls, they will only earn 2 casino credits per formation.

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