Black Jack Pro Series

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Blackjack Pro series is a very exciting and a rewarding three hand Blackjack game that is powered by Net Ent. This game has a 3D look to add to the reality of the game. Players can choose to play with the three hands against the dealer’s one hand while wagering the maximum hand limit. Players can also place a side wager. It can be found at major online casinos that are powered by Net Ent such as Mr. Green.


Black Jack Pro Series is a blackjack version that has a side bet and the ability to play with up to 3 hands. These 3 hands allow players to have more chances of beating the single hand that the dealer has so players can earn great rewards and recover the loss of one hand by winning the other two. These are two of the biggest reasons that encourage players to choose this game among the huge library of blackjack game that Net Entertainment offers. The game is presented in great graphics as always, 3D graphics that add to the reality of the game and increases the enjoyment. The game can be enjoyed here at Best Casinos for free and it can be enjoyed with real money at any of the Net Ent powered internet casinos. Apart from the two unique features, the game is a normal blackjack game that follows the same dealing and gaming procedure as other blackjack games.

Wagering Range

This game has a medium wagering range as it is not dedicated to high rollers or low rollers, it is dedicated to gamblers who have a medium wagering budget since the minimum bet is equal 0.1 while the biggest wager is equal 200. Players will be able to place these wagers by choosing a coin size then placing it on the wagering spot of the Blackjack hand or the side bet (the Pair of Jacks) but of course, players have to place a wager on the main game, which is the Blackjack game, before they can place a bet on the side bet. The available chip sizes are 0.01, and. Since players can place 200 on each hand, it means that the biggest wager is 600 if players activate all hands. As for the side bet, it has the same wagering range but players can’t place a wager on the side bet that is bigger than the wager on the blackjack hand.

The Gaming Procedure

The side bet, the Pair of Jacks depends on the first two cards for each hand. If the two cards are Jacks of Spades, players will be paid 100 to 1, a pair of jacks pays 25:1 and if players get a jack for the first card, they will be paid even money. As for the blackjack game, Insurance pays 2 to 1, blackjack pays 3 to 2 while a normal win pays even money. The dealer has to hit at 16 and will stand at 17.

Players will begin the game by clicking on deal to get 2 cards facing up, as for the dealer, he will get 2 cards as well but 1 is facing down. After that, the rules of classic blackjack are applied to this game. Players can hit or stand, they can double down and get 1 card, they can split identical cards and so on. After all is done, the hand that has a hand total closer to 21 without going over will win.

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