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Black Jack Professional – HighRoller is the same game and the same rules as the blackjack Pro series where players play with three hands against the one hand of the dealer. It also has a side wager and 3D graphics. The only difference is that it is dedicated to the high rollers as it allows for a higher maximum limit for the wagers placed.


Black Jack Professional – HighRoller is a blackjack game that is developed by Net Entertainment which means that the game will entertain players to the max. The game is also dedicated to high rollers, hence the naming of the game. This is why it allows players to place high bets on the blackjack hands in order to win it big. The game has the same rules of any classical Blackjack game and the same dealing procedure. The game also comes with an extra side bet that is called the Pair of Jacks side bet that will be discussed later. The game also allows players to activate up to three hands and place wagers on against the single hand of the dealer. This gives players more chances to achieve a win, double their winnings and recover from losses.

Since the game is developed by Net Entertainment, it means that players will enjoy outstanding quality of graphics and digital sounds that will enable players to have one of a kind blackjack experience. It will make players feel as if they are sitting in the biggest casinos in Vegas. Players can enjoy it here with practice credits or they can head to Mr. Green casino among other Net Ent internet casinos to place real money wagers.

Wagering Range

The wagering range offers players a very high maximum wager, which is the whole purpose of the game as it is dedicated to cater to the needs of the high rollers. This is why the maximum wager that can be placed per hand is equal 500 credits while the minimum one is 5 credits.

These wagers can be placed by choosing a chip size then placing that chip at the wagering spot of each hand. These chips can be located at the bottom right corner. The sizes available vary between 5 and 100. Players can also find a grey chip that is used to delete any wagers to place new ones. Players can also place wagers in the same way on the side bet for each hand. Players will have to place a bet on the blackjack hand before they can place a wager on the side bet.
The Gaming Procedure

Placing the bets is the first step in any casino game, same is applied here. Players will place their blackjack wagers and side bet wagers before they can start the game. They will then click on deal and they will get two cards on each activated hand while the dealer will get 1 card facing up and the 2nd is facing down. If players get 2 Jacks of Spades, they will be ad 100 to 1 for the side bet, 2 jacks is 25 to 1 and if the first card is a jack, they get paid 1 to 1. Then players will start to decide if they want to hit or stand and the other options available in any blackjack game until the showdown occurs.

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