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Blackjack DoubleXposure is a classical Vegas game, the only difference between it and the traditional game of blackjack is that the cards of the dealer are all facing up. This is why the game attracts a great number of new blackjack players who flock to online casino to play this game. This game is developed by Net Ent and this is why players can expect great graphics and sound effects.


Blackjack DoubleXposure is a very unique blackjack version by Net Entertainment. The game offers players the chance to see the two cards of the dealer, unlike any other classical blackjack game. This is why the game is entitled Blackjack Double Xposure. Since that increases the odds for players, the game balances this by enabling the dealer to win all ties except Blackjack. Apart from that, the blackjack game gives players the ability to play with more than one hand, up to 3 hands against the dealer’s hand. This gives players the chance to double their winnings or even triple them as well as recovering the loss of one hand by winning another. Players do not have to play with the three hands, they can choose to play with 1, 2 or all 3.

Apart from all of that, the players will enjoy a visually entertaining blackjack game that is presented in amazing graphics, great dealing and shuffling sounds which is not a surprise as the game is powered by none other than Net Entertainment. Players can enjoy this Blackjack game right here for fun or they can enjoy it with real money at casinos like Mr. Green.

Wagering Range

Before players can get any cards, they will have to place their wagers. This wager can be placed by taking a chip and placing it on the hands that players want to activate as players can choose to play with one up to 3 hands. The chips are found at the bottom right area of the screen. Since the game is dedicated for low rollers and high rollers, the chip sizes are small but they can build high bets. The sizes include 0.10, 1, 5 and 10. Players can place up to 200 on one hand which means that they can place up to 600 credits if they place the maximum bet on all 3 hands.

The Gaming Procedure

The game starts after players place their wager, they will click on deal to get cards. They will get two cards facing up on each hand that they activated while the dealer will get 2 cards, also facing up. Players will then see if they want to add more cards by clicking on HIT or if they want to stay by hitting Stand. Other options may be available according to the hands that players get. They can split if they have identical cards, they can double down among other options. After they stand or bust (go over 21) at any hand, they will begin to make the same decisions for the next hand and the third hand. After they are done with all of the hands. The dealer will do the same and he will stop at 17 and hit at 16. The comparison between these hands and the dealer’s hand will begin and the hand that is closer to 21 will be the winning hand.

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