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Bonus Keno is the internet version of the classical land based casino game that has the same name. This game originated in china and it is being used now in some state lotteries. The target of the game is to predict from two to ten numbers from eighty numbers (1-80). A draw will take place that will pick twenty numbers. Players will be paid according to their predictions. The game also has a free bonus round that is triggered by getting five jokers.


Keno is a luck based game that is very popular among gamblers at casinos. This game is so popular that a keno draw usually happens every other hour at land-based casinos. Players would buy the Keno tickets and choose their numbers and the draw will then occur and it will choose a specific number of numbers randomly and players will be then paid according to the numbers that they succeeded in matching. Since it is a popular game, online casinos started to adopt the game. There are two types of Keno games at online casinos, the first type is where the same procedure is implemented where a draw takes place in fixed intervals as for the other type, which this game falls under, it is a single player keno game. Players in this game will pick numbers and a quick number draw will take place and they will be paid according to it. This way, they do not play against other players and they don’t have to wait hours between each draw and the next.

Game Setup

The setup is quite simple. The players will see a squared grid (10 x 8). This grid has numbers that vary between 1 and 80. On the left side, players will see the history of the game. It will show players the number of rounds the played and the number of matched numbers that they succeeded in achieving so they can keep track of their game. On the right side, the players will see the paytable of the game. It will show players the payout that they will earn if they match the numbers. It depends on the number of numbers matched and the amount of numbers that the players have chosen, the less numbers that players will choose, the higher the payouts. It also depends on the wager they choose.
Under the grid, players will see several buttons that would allow them to play the game easily. They will find the Auto Pick button that would make the game automatically choose 10 numbers for the player. There is also a Play 5 button, which will make the game play five rounds with the same numbers that they have chose. Same with the Play 10 button but instead of playing 5 rounds, they are going to be 10 rounds.

The players will also place their wager at the right area as they will see the word Bet and they can go through the different bets available by clicking on the two arrows. The available bets vary between 1 and 5 for each single card.

The Gaming Procedure

The players will start the game by choosing from 2 to 10 numbers from the grid of numbers that has 80 numbers. After that, players will click on Go, this will cause the game to start picking 20 numbers at random. Players will then be paid according to the numbers that they have matched and the amount of numbers that they picked.

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