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This game is developed and designed by Net Ent. This poker version is pretty similar to Texas Hold’em. The only difference is that after the dealer deals three cards on the table (the flop) the other two cards are dealt together while in Texas Hold’em each card is dealt separately and there is a bidding round between them. Of course, the main purpose is to beat the hand of the dealer by having the higher value poker hand.


Without a doubt, Texas Holdem poker is one of the most commonly played casino games and poker games. This is because it is filled with risks, bluffs and great money pots. Texas hold’em poker is not a casino game as players play against each other while the casino or the gambling venue would only be responsible for dealing the cards. This is why land based and online casinos invented this casino based poker game where the players would play against the casino. This game is called Casino Hold’Em Poker. The players will notice that the game resembles Texas Hold’Em poker to a great extent with minor changes. This poker version is developed and provided to online casinos by one of the biggest names in the industry, Net Entertainment, also known as Net Ent. Players can enjoy it here with practice credit to test the waters before heading to casinos like Mr. Green to enjoy it with real credits.

Gaming Procedure

The game starts with the players placing their wager. They will place an Ante, which is the initial bet that they have to place in order to initiate the game. Players will select a chip value from the ones available then click on the Ante Spot on the table in order to place the wager. The available chip sizes include 1, 5 and 10. Players will also find a chip with a red X mark on it, it is used to clear any bets that the players have placed if they want.

After players place the Ante bet, they will click on the Deal button. The players will get two cards facing up, the dealer will also get two cards facing up and he will also deal three cards (the flop) on the table, all facing up. The players will then be faced with an option. They can fold if they think they will create a weak poker hand or they can call and place a bet that is double the initial bet. If they fold, the game ends and they lose the Ante, if they call, the dealer will place two more cards facing up on the table. Then the showdown will begin. The players will have to have a better poker hand that the dealer in order to win. The dealer has to have a minimum poker hand of a pair of fours in order to qualify, if the dealer does not qualify, the players will win regardless of their poker hand.

After players win or lose, they will be able to place the same bets by clicking on Re-bet or they can choose to place new bets for the new game by clicking on New Bet. All hands from a high card up to a Straight Pays one to one. Other winning hands such as Flush, Royal Flush, Full House or four of a kind give higher payouts. Players can see these payouts at the top left area of the screen in the paytable of the game.

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