Green Lantern

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The Green Lantern
5 Reels
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If you’re tired of the usual hero themed slots like Spider-Man and Captain America taking over the spotlight in slot machines, how about taking a good look at some DC heroes like say… Green Lantern Online Slots? The ring-bearing superhero who can use his imagination to attack finally makes his debut in the world slot machine. Sure, it isn’t your typical cosmic battle against other galaxies but if you truly want to experience the Green Lantern experience, why not take a shot at getting the jackpot then as Green Lantern?

Hybrid Slots | Green Lantern Slot Machine

The Green Lantern Slot Machine is a hybrid slot game with 5 reels and 50 paylines. It might not be much until you find out how much this slot game can give you for a jackpot. Want to know? All right… it’s $400,000. Yes, it’s no joke gamer. That is the actual max jackpot for this game. Sure, you’re no millionaire but c’mon, nobody in the world gets $400,000 in a single win. Definitely a big incentive to go ahead and play it big.

The design of this slot game draws heavily from the Green Lantern comics. You can already see why; the design, the symbols, the art style…. It’s like looking at a comic book. Anyone who’s a fan of the Green Lantern comics will surely appreciate the efforts the developers made to make the best experience you’ll get with Green Lantern. The background shows you a city in chaos so it really makes you feel like you’re in the middle of Green Lantern’s save-the-day days. Whatever you fell, you’ll know the ring-bearer is there to kick the butts of all criminals who threat the peaceful Earth.

You’ll love the neon-glowing effect as well. If you watch the movies or the cartoon show, you’ll see those nice glow effects appear here in the game as well. This gives off a nice cosmic vibe that Green Lantern is known for (but don’t expect it to light up your whole room alright?)

The symbols consists of the stuff from the comics like the high-rank card symbols like Jack, Queen and King, Green Lantern himself, Sinestro (his mentor and later his arch-nemesis), Lantern’s power ring and other elements. This should please anyone who loves the stories of Green Lantern. As always, if you get a winning combo of any of the symbols, they activate a small animation with sound effects. This should put a good smile on anyone’s face.

The game has a whopping 50 paylines so it should definitely be something good for the high-rollers who love their paylines. Betting ranges will attract the risk it all people and the save it all people so there’s nothing to worry about there. You can also use the 60 line bonus bet which will then give a chance to unlock some cool features. You’re gonna have to experiment if you want to get those. Only risk-savvy will apply.

Green Lantern Slot Machine

If you’re playing a lot of these slot games made Next Gen Gaming, then you know it has an auto play feature. Whether you want to indulge in Green Lantern goodness or you want to fly in your cosmic fantasy, the auto play will randomly spin for you up to 999 times. Green Lantern himself can do it more than that but you’re only human so 999 will do.

The wild symbol in this game is Green Lantern himself. It’s got the wild plastered so you’ll see it very clearly. What’s unique about this is it appears on the 2 and 4 reels. Anything between it will be used to make the combination. Your wins double if the combo made uses the two wild symbols so hope for the best. But there’s something more: if the battery symbol appears on the 3rd reel with the two wilds sandwiching it, you’ll unlock a free spins feature. Here, your game will spin free 24 times and from this you’ll see your winnings go up and up with multipliers. If you manage to hit the battery yet again during this free spins round, you’ll triple the winnings! Boo-yah! This game wants you to win.

There’s a bonus game called the Ring Bonus and here, you’ll be an audience to see Green Lantern and Sinestro kick butt within the reels which have frozen for the bonus game. Depending on how well Green Latnern does his thing, your initial bet on the lines will multiply by 100x! You’d better hope Green Lantern can smirk Sinestro’s butt.

As always, you got the rules page and help page to help you if you need some assistance. Patterns, values, symbols… all you need to know is right there.

Overall, the Green Lantern Slot Machine is a fun game to play with. You’ll love the design, the sound effects, the cool bonus features and everything else. So go ahead, save the day as Green Lantern with your trusty, cosmic slot game skills.

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