Jacks Or Better

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Video Poker
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Jacks or Better is a classical game. The unique thing about this game is that in order to get paid for a pair, it has to be jacks or better, hence the naming of the game. It is a very fast paced video poker game that has millions of fans around the world. This game is developed by Net Ent so it can be found at many casinos including Mr. Green Casino.


Jacks or Better is one of the most commonly played video poker games. This game is powered by Net Entertainment, one of the biggest and most accredited software developers in the internet gambling industry. As all of the Net Ent powered games, this video poker game has wonderful and stunning visuals and equally enchanting digital sounds. The game is targeted by poker fans who are seeking a stress free poker game with a low minimum paying hand. This is because the minimum paying hand for this game is a pair of jacks. Also, the players will only be rewarded depending on their poker hand, they will not have to beat other players’ hands and they will not feel the need to bluff weak hands and risk.

Gaming Procedure

The gaming procedure resembles any video poker game. The game starts after the players set their desired wagers. They will be able to place these wagers under the cards of the game. They will toggle between the different options and wagers in order to place their stake. After the players place the stakes, they will be able to initiate the game when they click on the deal button. This button alongside other buttons can be found right under the cards, they represent the control panel of the game.

When the players click on the deal button, they will get five cards. These cards are not the final hand of the players as it is only the initial hand. The players will choose the cards that they wish to hold for the next hand, they can do that by clicking on the cards they want to keep. After they select the cards, they will click on the Draw button. When they click on Draw, the players will get replacement cards that will replace the cards that the they did not choose to hold.

After they get the replacement cards, the 5 cards that they have is the final poker hand that they will be paid according to. The players will then earn a payout that depends on the poker hand that they have and the paytable of the game depending on the wager that they have placed. The game’s minimum paying hand is a pair of Jacks, which is the reason behind the name of the game, Jacks or Better. This means that players who get a pair of tens will not be rewarded as they have to get a minimum hand of 2x Js.

Special Feature

The game is a pretty simple and a straightforward video poker game. It does not come with any bonus or special features. The only feature that the game has is the gamble feature. This feature enables players to double their winnings by entering a gamble game. If the players win the gamble game, they will double the winnings, if they lose the gamble game, they will lose all of their winnings. The game can only be entered after players get a payout.

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