King Kong

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King Kong The Movie
5 Reels
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The raging, humongous King Kong makes his debut in the world of slot machines! Everyone in the world knows who he is: the big ape that was captured in an uncharted island, taken to New York, goes crazy, kidnaps the beautiful woman and goes on a rampage as the world does its best to suppress the ape and rescue the woman. It’s the retro-classic story of King Kong.

The King Kong Slot Machine is designed with the King Kong story in mind so everything from the symbols to the reel box is all King Kong. The slot machine follows the recent remake of King Kong to give it an awe-inspiring 50s feel to the slot machine. You’ll love the effort put into making it really authentic; you’ll see some of the key moments from the movie used as symbols such as the woman who was King Kong’s victim and the ship that carried King Kong to the city. Heck, they even animated these symbols to make it lively. While some slot games show still images, King Kong has animated symbols. This gives it a nice touch.

King Kong Slot Game

Like all other Cryptologic games, King King slot machine is a hybrid slot game so expect features such as multipliers, paylines, wild symbols and other features to make an appearance. The game is a 5 reel slot game and it’s non-progressive which means the jackpot won’t grow no matter how many bets are made. The max jackpot to be won is $150,000 which while smaller than other games is still an impressive win to get.

One great feature of this slot machine game is the Auto Play which lets you do random spins. If you’re too lazy inputting your bets or you just want to play this game faster than the speed of light, you can click Auto Play and let the game do the spinning for you. It may not net you the winnings that you want but sometimes, you might just get luck with the random spin.

King Kong Slot Machine

The game only has 25 paylines but as always, bet ranges can increase depending on how you use the paylines. Anyone from the risk-free to the risk-seeker will benefit from this payline system. Also, it has different kinds of payline patterns that can really benefit you. From the simple to the complex, being able to use them to your advantage will definitely benefit you as go along with the game.

King Kong slot machines includes the Wild Symbol and as always, it will substitute for any symbol needed to make a win. It can appear on any of the first four reels so if you happen to have it and you have 2 or more symbols aligned, you can be happy in knowing the wild symbol will help you out. You may also want to know: if the wild symbol appears in the middle reel, you’ll see King Kong “Go Ape” and it will cause the reel to be filled up. This will flash you a nicely done animation and will net you more winnings. Now who says going bananas was such a bad thing to do? (Well, doing it in real life might not get you winnings).

King Kong Game Free Slots

It’s also got the scatter symbols and as anyone knows, scatter symbols will net you winnings no matter what position they are in. Just as long as they appear in the reels, you’ll do just fine. This is good for anyone who can’t get lucky with the game.

The main bonus feature for this slot game is of course, King Kong Smash. Now if you align three or more King Kong symbols (whether it be on payline or in a row), you’ll get a bonus round where you have to smash planes in the sky. If you do smash the planes down to oblivion, you’re awarded free spins. That’s right: free spins. Free spins lets you spin the game without spending a coin. You’ll win at least 15 spins per smash so keep going. You only have three chances to bring them down at which point you’ll be given the option to use your free spins or get a mystery prize. This gives you a little more incentive to play King Kong a little more. Who would pass on the chance to get free spins?

And like all other Cryptologic games, you have access to the help pages. If you need to see what the payline patterns are or what the rules of the game are, you have a chance to get familiar with the game. There’s nothing like knowing what each of the symbol is worth.

Overall, King Kong Slot Machine is a great slot game to play with. With extravagant bonus features, great animated symbols and sound effects and a chance to smash those annoying airplanes, you’ll be enjoying yourself going bananas with the King Kong Slot Machine.