Mad Scientist

Slots Features

Betsoft Gaming
Game Theme:
A Crazy Scientist
5 Reels
Bonus Games:
Free spins
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Online Slot Game Mad Scientist

An oldie but a goodie some might say regarding the online slot machine game Mad Scientist. The story that accompanies the game is that you’re in the lab of a mad scientist, and the symbols that you spin certainly reflect the lunacy of a man trying to break the laws of chemistry and physics by combining bizarre and esoteric scientific concepts. This video slot comes in full, 3D animation and it’s a simple game to play that’s good for beginners and experts alike. This is not to mention how much fun playing a good slot with some fun animation can be.

The game has a good balance of winning, but it still takes a savvy player to be able to bet just the right way and come out ahead. Fortunately Mad Scientist does have a good scattering of opportunities for free spins and bonus rounds, which give the player the opportunity to make up for lost time and credits. Even if you’re losing (as those who prefer to save time and just make the max bet on every spin) a single bonus round can pick you up and drop you off on a plateau that’s higher than you’ve been on in some time in the game.

Overall with easy to recognize symbols and five reels to spin, there are over 30 different directions that you can bet on to win with. It’s a familiar setup for those that are used to playing online slot machine games, and as such the adjustment that it takes to get used to it shouldn’t be very hard at all. While it is on the older side, and there are better looking slot machine games out there in online casinos, Mad Scientist can still hold its own against any other game in the online market.

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