Pacific Paradise

pacific paradise pokie

Slots Features

Game Theme:
An Underwater Epxerience
5 Reels
Bonus Games:
Free Spins
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Pacific Paradise Pokie

Pacific Paradise by IGT (International Gaming Technology) is a 5 reeled game that takes players to the bottom of the ocean where they can sleep with the fish, which is not a bad thing because the bottom of the ocean is full of great fortunes and treasures. Players will get to claim all of these fortunes and treasures as their own through the lines of the game as well as the special icons of the pokie. The game can be enjoyed here for fun, as we host the game with endless demo credits so players can give it a test drive for free.


Pacific Paradise is about a world that exists deep under the waves of the ocean, near the bottom of it all. It is where beautiful underwater creatures live, and it is also where players will find plenty of great fortunes and treasures to claim. The game invites players to grab their scuba diving equipment ready so they can get to enjoy this highly rewarding and immersive gaming experience.
The game comes in wonderful, state of the art visuals that would mesmerize players and provide them with an engaging experience. Check it out here for fun for a one of a kind gaming experience that is like none other.

The Game’s Theme and Setup

Pacific Paradise is a 5 reeled game that hosts a total of 720 ways to win. The game has a unique setup as not all reels have the same number of symbols. The 1st and the 5th reel have 3 symbols, the 2nd and the 4th have 4 symbols while the middle third reel hosts 5 symbols. The game takes place underwater in the Pacific Ocean where players will enjoy an underwater experience with the many creatures, fish and turtles that live deep in the ocean. Players will not only enjoy this magnificent underwater adventure for the fun and excitement, as they would also get to claim many treasures and payouts as their own through the game’s special icons and features, as well as regular line payouts.

The reels themselves are found deep under the ocean near the bottom, as for the symbols that are going to be appear spinning across the reels the lines, they include different colored and shaped fish, an octopus, jelly fish, a school of fish and poker card icons that are pretty well designed and colorful.

The Wagering Range

The game’s betting range is between 60 and 1800. The only betting option that creates this range is the value of the coin which ranges between 1 and 30.

Bonus Features

The Logo of the game is the wild icon that would replace other icons across the game’s lines, and it can only appear on the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th reel. It will not replace the scatter school of fish or the jelly fish icons.
The bonus jelly fish icon can trigger 10 free spins when 5 of them appear anywhere scattered across the reels of the game while the scatter school of fish gives scatter pays.

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