Pirate 21 Black Jack

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Pirate 21 Black Jack is a very innovative multi-hand version of Blackjack that is provided to online casinos by Betsoft Gaming. Players can play and place wagers on three hands. The cards are dealt from a six-deck shoe, which is also called a Spanish Decks by online casinos. This means that you will play without any 10s. This reduces the chances of winning and getting a blackjack.


21 Pirate Blackjack is a blackjack version that has a lot to offer to its players. This blackjack version is provided to online casinos by Betsoft Gaming, one of the top names in the industry that powers only the best of casinos such as Mr. Green Casino, which is where will be able to play the game with real money. Players who want to try the game for fun before heading to an internet casino to play with real cash, they can do that right here on this page where they can enjoy 21 Pirate Blackjack with practice credits. The game has great graphics and dealer voices that players will surely enjoy while playing the game. The game also offers players a side bet which will be discussed in details later. The game also invites players to place bets on three different blackjack hands with three different side bets against the one hand of the dealer. This helps increasing the chances of winning for players as well as ability to recover the loss of one hand by winning the other two.

Wagering Range

Players will find different colored chips with different sizes on the bottom right corner of the game’s screen. They will find sizes that include 1, 5, 10 and 25. Players will click on any of the wagering spots of the blackjack hands as well as the side bets. Of course, Blackjack is the main game on offer, this is why players will have to place a wager on the blackjack game before being able to place a wager on the side bet. The minimum wager that players can place is equal 1 and the biggest one is equal 200. As for the side bet, the minimum wager is 1 and the maximum wager is equal 50.

The Gaming Procedure

Players will place wagers on one, two or three blackjack hands as well as their respective side bets as mentioned above. Players will then click on deal in order to get cards. Players will get 2 cards on each hand facing up while the dealer will get two cards and one of them is facing down. Players will then start to follow the blackjack procedure for each game. They will hit to get more cards or stand if they are satisfied with their hand total. They can also split and double down according to their hands.
As for the side bet, it pays different rewards according to the first two cards that players get. If they get a suited pair, they will be paid nine to one, unsuited pair pays four to one. If one of the cards match the card that is facing up of the dealer, players will win. Blackjack pays 3 to 2, normal wins pay 1 to 1.

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