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Pontoon is a classically designed game that is developed by Betsoft Gaming. Pontoon is a form of blackjack game so the same rules of blackjack apply. Players who get a blackjack will be paid 1 to 2.  The main target of players is to get as close as they can to 21 without going over, which is called a bust. Players have to be closer to 21 than the dealer in order to win.


Pontoon is a very entertaining blackjack version that follows the same rules of a normal game of Blackjack as well as a very rewarding side bet that gives out different payouts. The game comes right from the Blackjack portfolio of Betsoft Gaming, this is why players can enjoy the game at Mr. Green casino as well as any other casinos that are powered by Betsoft. It also means that players will enjoy a top notch blackjack game that is presented in high quality visuals and outstanding visual effects. Players can give the game a try here at this website with free practice so they can test the waters and understand the game before heading to online casinos in order to play the game with real money.

The game is also a multi hand blackjack game as it enables players to play with 3 different blackjack hands, each one has its own wager against the one hand of the dealer.

Wagering Range

Like most Betsoft Blackjack games, the wagering range on each blackjack hand lies between 1 and 200. The Sweet 16 side bet has the same wagering range. Players who want to place a wager on the side bet will have to place a wager on the blackjack hand first, since Blackjack is the main game. Players will place these wagers by choosing a chip size and placing it on any of the blackjack wagering spots then on the sweet 16 side bet spots. The available chips can be found at the bottom right corner. These sizes are 1, 5, 10 and 25. Players will click on the chip size they want and then click on the wagering area in order to place the wager.

The Gaming Procedure

The game will start after players place their desired wagers, they will then click on deal in order to get cards. The dealer will give players 2 cards facing up on each hand that they activated by placing wager on. The players will then start to decide whether they want to hit and get more cards or if they want to stand. It all depends on the hand total of the players’ hand. If it is close to 21, they should stand and if it is not near 21, then they should hit. After they stand, they will start making the same decision for the other hands that they activated. After that, it is the dealer’s turn to make the same decision but the dealer has to stop at 17.

Potnoon (blackjack) pays 2 to 1 while normal wins pay one to one. Players who get a winning hand with 5 cards, will be rewarded 2 to 1 as well. As for the side bet, Sweet 16, it pays a lot of different payouts. Getting once Ace pays one to one, two aces pays two to one while a hand total of 16- 21 pays 1:1.

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