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Punto Banco is a Baccarat version that is dedicated to Latin players all across the world. This game has the same rules as the normal Baccarat Pro Series game. Players will get dealt cards from 6 standard decks of cards. Players can bet on the player, the dealer or place wagers on a tie that pays up to 9 to 1. The maximum bet that can be placed on each hand is an amazing ten-thousand credits. This game can be found at many Net Ent powered casinos such as Mr. Green Casino.


Punto Banco is the Latin version of Baccarat. This is why this game is dedicated to the Latin baccarat players. The game has the same rules, gaming procedure and payouts as the Baccarat pro series game. The game is powered by Net Entertainment, therefore players can expect to find awesome graphics and visuals that would make for a very entertaining and a satisfying gambling experience. Baccarat is a game between the player and the banker while the casino player will place wagers on one of the two sides or a tie. This is the reason behind the naming of the game as Punto stands for player and Banco stands for banker, so the translation of the name is Player Banker. This game can be enjoyed here in free practice mode or players can head to Net Ent casinos including Mr. Green in order to place real money wagers on the Baccarat table.

Placing Wagers and Starting the Game

Like any Baccarat or card game, the players will place their wagers before the game can initiate and before any cards can be dealt. The players will find the chips that they can use to place wagers at the right bottom corner of the screen. They will find 4 colored chips. Each chip has its own value. The value of the chips varies between 1 and 10. There is a chip, the grey chip, that has an X red mark on it. This chip is used by players in order to remove any current bets. This can be done before the game starts as after the cards are dealt, the bets are final. Players will choose a coin value and they will place it at the word Banco, if they think that the banker will win, on the word Punto, if they think that the player will win or at the word Tie if they believe the game will end with a tie. A tie will give players the highest payout as it pays 9 to 1.

Gaming Procedure

After players set their wager, they will click on deal. Before going through the procedure, it is important to know that the value of the cards is different from games like Blackjack. Once the total of the hand is equal 10, the 10 is subtracted from the total value making the highest hand possible the 9. For example, a hand that consists of a 9 and an 8 is not equal 17, it is equal 7. The banker and the player will get two cards each, if none of the hands has a total that is equal 9, then a third card will be dealt. The hand that has the highest total will be the winning hand. The game does not involve any maneuvers and it does not need any skills as players will simply choose a hand and they will watch as the cards are dealt and see if they bet on the winning hand or no.

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