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This roulette game is developed and designed by Net Entertainment, also known as Net Ent. It can be found at the casinos that are powered by the software developer such as Mr. .Green online casino, it offers players a simple and a straightforward roulette game. No gimmicks and no complicated rules, it is just a simple Roulette game.


Online players who are looking for a simple and a straightforward roulette game will be able to do so through this Net Entertainment powered roulette game. It is a European roulette at heart, this is why players will see one green slot on the roulette wheel, the “0” slot. The game is quite simple and it follows the same rules and gaming procedure as any roulette game, whether land based or online. On this page, players can give the game a quick spin before heading to online casinos such as Mr. Green casino to spin the roulette wheel for real cash.

Graphics and Sound Effects

As a Net Ent powered game, it has wonderful graphics and astonishing sound effects that resemble the sounds that players would hear at land based casinos around the roulette table. The players will see a finely designed roulette wheel at the left side of the screen while the wheels wagering area can be found at the right side. It resembles the wagering area that can be found at land based roulette tables with the different wagers and numbers printed on a piece of green cloth. At the left side, players will see the history log of the table which will show players the hot numbers that the ball usually rests on as well as the cold numbers. Although the outcome of the wheel is 100% random but knowing the hot and cold numbers can help players place their wagers.

Starting the Game and Placing Wagers

Players will first start the game by placing wagers at the wagering area at the right side. They will place these wagers by choosing a chip size from the available sizes at the bottom right area of the screen. There are 3 avialbale chip sizes, 0.10, 1 and 5. Players will also find a grey colored chip that does not have a value, this chip can be used to remove wagers. Each wager has its own maximum wager, usually, the bets that have high payouts have a low maximum wager.

The Available Wagers

The available wagers at the wagering area resemble the same wagers that players can find at traditional roulette games. This includes red and black bets, odd and even bets, straight number bets, first half and second half bets, 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12 alongside other specialty bets. These bets can be placed at the wagering area that is found above the normal wagering area.

Game Play

The game starts as players place their wanted wagers at the wagering area, whether normal or specialty wagers. They will then spin the roulette wheel and the ball by clicking on spin. The ball will spin until it lands on a number. The players will then be paid according to that number, if they are eligible for any payouts. Then players will start placing new wagers for the next round or they can play with the same bets if they wish.

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