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High Roller Roulette  offers players a fantastic chance to earn great winnings. This game is powered by Net Ent. The difference between it and the rest of the roulette games out there is that it allows players to place high bets, hence, its naming “High Roller”. It is a European Roulette game so players can expect the same rules and the game play as normal European roulette games.


Roulette – HighRoller is a Net Entertainment powered roulette version that is dedicated for the high roller roulette fans out there. This is why the game is entitled Roulette Highroller. This is also why the game enables players to place really high wagers on the roulette table, higher than the normal tables. Net Entertainment has developed this game with ultra care as it presents players with amazing graphics and a wonderful soundtrack that resembles the sounds that can be heard at any land based casino. The wooden roulette wheel looks real as well as the wagering area that is next to it. It is designed in a way to resemble land based roulette tables, which adds to the reality of the game, and it also enables players to enjoy a roulette experience that is as close as possible to Las Vegas and Monte Carlo roulette tables.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The game presents players with the high quality graphics that Net Ent is well known off. The wonderful design, the razor sharp graphics and the smooth visuals that players will surely enjoy, all of that is accompanied by a terrific soundtrack in the background that resembles the casino sounds, all merges together in order to help players enjoy an unmatched roulette gambling experience.

Starting the Game and Placing Wagers

Like any roulette game or casino game, the first step towards beginning the game is placing the wagers. In this game, the wagers are placed on the betting area that can be found next to the roulette wheel on the right side of the game’s screen. Players can place these wagers by first, choosing a chip size then placing it on any of the available wagers. The chips can be found at the bottom right area. The different sizes are 1, 5, 25 & 100. Players will also see a grey colored chip that has a red X mark on it. This chip is used to clear wagers instead of placing.

The Available Wagers

The game offers players a number of wagers that cover all of the regular and standard wagers that can be found at any roulette table as well as other specialty wagers. The normal wagers can be found on the right side while the specialty wagers can be found at the top side. Regular bets include reds, blacks, odds, evens, straight number bets, line bets, first half, second half and 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12 bets.

The maximum wager depends on the wager itself, for instance, the maximum wager for straight number bets is equal 30 while the wager for odds and even can be more than 300.

Game Play

The procedure is very simple and it resembles any roulette table. Players will place wagers, spin the wheel and they will then get paid according to these wagers. Then they will be able to rebet or place new wagers for the next spin and so on.

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