Texas Hold’em

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Texas Hold’em is developed by Net Ent, it presents the usual Texas Hold’em poker game. Players get dealt two cards and they place a bet, then the flop is dealt (3 cards on the ground) and they place a bet. Then there is another card dealt, and they place a bet and finally the river card. After the last card, the player and the dealer show their cards and the best poker hand wins.


Texas Hold’em poker is one of the most popular poker versions in the world, especially after the emergence of internet casinos and internet gambling. The original Texas Hold’ em poker is a competitive game, which means that players play it against each other and the dealer is not involved in the game play. So in order for online casinos to capitalize on the popularity and fame of this game, they turned it into a casino game where a player plays against the dealer following the same rules and outlines of the game.

This game is developed by Net Entertainment, therefore, players can enjoy it at numerous online casinos such as Mr. Green Casino. It also means that players will enjoy a very visually entertaining experience and outstanding sound effects. The game is played on a green table that resembles the blackjack table with the word Texas Hold Em in the middle and the different wagering spots for the Ante, Flop, Turn and River underneath it.

Gaming Procedure

At the beginning, like any poker game, the players will place an Ante wager at the Ante circle on the left. Players can place such wager by clicking on any of the chip sizes available at the bottom right area. The available sizes include 1, 5 and 10. There is a blank chip that players can use to remove any wagers they placed. The minimum wager is equal 1 while the maximum wager is equal 40. After players place the Ante wager, they will click on deal in order to get two initial cards and the dealer will also get two cards. The players will then decide if they want to fold and lose their ante or call. If they call, they will place a wager that is double the Ante. After that, the dealer will place three cards (the flop) on the table. The players will then decide if they want to call in order to place a wager that is equal the Ante if they think they have a good hand or they can just check. The dealer will then place another card (the turn) and the players will also make the same choice then the dealer will place the last card (the river card) and the showdown will begin.

The player and the dealer will reveal their hands and the player who has the better and the higher ranking poker hand will win.

Special Feature

The game does not have any special features or bonus rounds, it is a pure Texas Hold’em poker game but between a dealer and a player, so players should not expect any bonus rounds or special features at this game.

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