Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. All you have to do is make a hand that will either go at 21 or below 21 but is always higher than the dealer or other players. Seems simple enough right? It may be but it’s a game of chance, luck and strategy. Knowing when and where to split, double, hit or stand is a key to winning the game. May not be like other games but it’s sure fun to know that the last hand you make will be the key to winning more than your bets. If you’re bored of the usual blackjack games being played around, how’s about going with an online blackjack game variant Atlantic City Blackjack courtesy of the developers of great slot games, Cryptologic.

Atlantic City Blackjack is a variant of the blackjack game genre, now online, in which the dealer receives a second card (known as a hole card) before the player even completes his hand. It’s a single-player version of blackjack so you have no one to put the blame on your losses or no one to make fun of when they lose. It’s just you, the dealer and the cards. You’d better get a crack at that.

The game’s designed in a 3D environment so you’ll see right from the get-go: the green table,  the chips and everything. It’ll make you feel like you’re looking at the real thing. Nothing to be wowed with but it does add a nice touch to the game and as always, Cryptologic never lets it go in a mediocre way with their designs. It even adds those text you see on the table surface like in real life so it really adds some much-needed authenticity to get the game going.

Betting options cater to all the gamblers and betters out there who want to save their stuff or risk their stuff. You can bet on the minimum range ($2 – $50) to the maximum range ($500 – $5,000). Whether you’re Mr. Saver or Mr. Risker, you have a choice to make when you want to get more winnings than usual.

Play And Practice Free Atlantic City Blackjack:

What you should know about this blackjack game is it’s almost similar to the other versions of blackjack like those you see in Vegas except there are few rules you need to know such as: (1) you’re playing with 8 decks of 52 cards, (2) you can double after a split, (3) you can only split once, (4) the dealer gets to check his hole card and (5) you can never surrender. If you need to check the rest of the rules, you can check the rules and help page which is available for your reading pleasure.

Oh and if you’re wondering: no, you cannot surrender in this game. The option is removed for this particular variant of blackjack so must you make any kind of bet, you’d better be sure it was final because otherwise, you’re just going to lead yourself to your demise if the dealer manages to pull a blackjack on you. That’s your ultimate doom.

All the other standard rules apply unless it’s been changed so just play as you normally would. There aren’t any online-exclusive features or whatever in this game. Just so long as you have the strategy to win this game, you’re in safe hands.

If you’re the counter of blackjack games, you can check out a strategy table for the game itself. It shows you what are the values of the cards, what you should put on stand, hit, double or split and other things you need to know to make your run of Atlantic City worth more than you think. There aren’t any guards looking at you so use the chart as often as you like.

If it still confuses you, you can always read the rules and help page. You can read on about everything you need to prep up yourself for the game. From the hands to the values, you’ll surely need the info to master art of blackjack. You don’t want to look like a doofus playing against an AI dealer right? It’s an AI dealer! So beat it at its own game.

With some changed rules that add a variety to the game, a neat chart to refer to and a chance to play it online, Cryptologic’s Atlantic City Blackjack game is one heck of a game. You’ll definitely love it and even though it will take a while to get into it, you’ll be hooked after a few hours of play. So go ahead, hit your hand and get your jackpot!