Online Casino BONUSES

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What are Casino Cashback Offers?

The casino cashback offer, as the name implies, gives the players back the cash they lose. It’s not promoted widely to potential players because, really, the online casino would lose a lot of money giving back the money so it’s best if they keep it private and promote it when a new player comes in. This type of bonus is not offered by many casinos so don’t expect to see this worldwide.

The cash being given back to players comes in the form of credit or cash so it’s really what it says it is. But you don’t win all of it though; a percentage of the bonus is given back to you so at the very least, you do win back part of what you bet. The highest percentage you can get is 60% which means you win at least half of your bet back and the lowest percentage you get is 10%. This is good for any player who’s just trying out the casino games online or any player who’s transitioning from offline casinos to online casinos. It’s also a good way for players to keep playing on the sigh so their bankroll keeps growing each time they play.

This type of bonus gives a win-win for both player and casino because the player gets to keep playing for as long as he wants and the casino gets to have more customers play in their casino. It’s a new way to advertise the casino: let their players have free play money and let them play. Give them back their money and let them play more until they decide to stay.

Rank Casino Rating Bonus Review
1 Jackpot Paradise €$£200T&C Apply 18+ Review
2 Vegas Paradise €£$200T&C Apply 18+ Review
3 Jackpot City Casino $€1600T&C Apply 18+ Review
4 7 Sultans Casino $€500T&C Apply 18+ Review
5 River Belle Casino $€800T&C Apply 18+ Review
6 Gaming Club Casino AU$350T&C Apply 18+ Review
7 Lucky Nugget Casino $€1000T&C Apply 18+ Review
8 Royal Vegas Casino $ €1200T&C Apply 18+ Review
9 Ruby Fortune Casino €750T&C Apply 18+ Review

What are Free Play Casino Bonuses?

Free play casino bonuses are what they are — free play for casino games. All you do is sign up for the casino that gives this offer and once you’re done, the online casino gives you a certain amount of time to play all their games for free. They’ll even give you an allowance to start playing. After the period of time, you can use whatever you won during the free time to play to be used in the online casino if you decide to sign up.

This bonus is a good incentive to join online casinos because you get to try out all the games without taking any risks, you can practice your skills in casino games (like blackjack and roulette and slots), you can take advantage of the “free” offer and you get to see what the fuss is all about in the world of online casinos. Wouldn’t you like to try out the cool stuff people do on online casinos? And you get to use money you win in this free time of playing games so you can have starting money when you do decide to sign up for the casino.

Another good thing about free play casino bonuses is you get to see which online casino is better. Some online casinos aren’t as good as the other so you can take the chance to see which one offers the better games and experience. You can also see who has the better offer with the free time so take your time and enjoy it while you can.

What are High Roller Bonuses?

High Roller Bonuses are casino bonuses that offer high payouts to those who take their bets to the max. This is the type of bonus rewarded to gamblers who take a very high risk with betting. While it may not be for everyone, those who are eligible for this bonus will definitely see it’s worth the bet. The percentage of payouts are very high which can reach up to 400%. Almost all online casinos offer high roller bonuses in all shapes and sizes.

High roller bonuses aren’t just for those who bet to the max. High roller bonuses also extend to sign up bonuses. Some high rollers get bonuses of up $1000 just by signing up. There are also sign up bonuses that make an average player into a VIP. Players with VIP status have even bigger percentages in payouts so any player planning on becoming a VIP will have a lot to look forward to. They also get bonuses for staying long with the casino so there’s a lot of bonuses that pop up everywhere.

The advantage here is obviously the higher percentages and higher bet limits. You can bet so high that when you make a win, you win back bigger winnings due to the percentage. The disadvantage is the risk you’ll take since you may lose more than you bet. But that’s the risk you have to take when you become a VIP right? High roller bonuses are upgrades from the average bonuses so make sure that when you’re going for high roller bonuses, you’d better be sure you’re ready to take any potential losses.

What are Monthly Casino Bonuses?

One of the rewards you can get from online casinos is the monthly casino bonus. What are they? These are bonuses where everytime you deposit some money in the casino for playing, the casino will give you an extra percentage every single month. How does it work? For example, if you deposit $500 and the casino has a monthly bonus of 50%, then it means the casino will give you an extra $250 in addition to your $500 making it $750. Another example is if deposit $300 and the monthly bonus is 10%, then you get an extra $30.

This kind of bonus is attractive because you get to have some extra cash to play with and you also don’t have to spend much of the deposit that you made for the month. This helps you out so you can make even with the winnings you get. Many online casinos offer percentages of monthly deposits as high as 100% so if you deposit $1000, then you get an extra $1000 making it a total of $2000. You don’t get bonuses like that anywhere else so it’s good to take a chance with deposits.

Besides monthly deposit bonuses, you can also take advantage of the weekly and daily deposit bonuses although they have smaller percentages compared to the monthly deposit bonuses. But on the downside, monthly bonuses are monthly so you have to wait for a month to get the extra money from your deposits. It’s all about patience for this type of bonus but it’s still worth it.

What are No Deposit Bonuses?

No deposit bonuses are bonuses offered by online casinos where they give you play money without making any initial deposits. This is basically the type of bonus that lets you sign up for the casino and let you try out the casino. While it may seem similar to the free play casino bonus, the difference here is you officially sign up for the casino but it takes the feature of free play casino bonus by giving you play money to use. There’s no time period put in for this bonus so you get to play the casino like you were already part of it. And just like the free play casino bonus, you can keep whatever you won for future play. The lowest you can get for no deposit offers is $25 while the highest is $250.

Of course, if you want all that money out, you need to complete the requirements to let the money out. Online casinos impose requirements to make sure you’re not some robot trying to take money out so make sure you read the requirements well to get your money out safe and secure. Don’t worry; there’s no need to deposit to get the cash out.

This type of bonus is a good incentive because you can take the privileges of being a full member without making the initial deposit. Think of this as being a scholar in the world of online casinos; you get the full privilege of the facilities and at the same time, you’re given an allowance to play around with.

What are No Deposit Codes?

No deposit codes are bonus codes given out by online casinos where when you enter the code in the online casino that gave them, you are eligible for the money they offer to you. This is the no deposit bonus but now in the form of codes. This is the new form of getting no deposit bonuses so if you want to get the free money for playing, enter the codes when you sign up and you get the no deposit bonus.

No deposit codes make it easier for you to chose what casino you want because you get to see what online casinos offer no deposit bonuses. You don’t have to look everywhere on the Web to see which is offering the bonus; all you have to do is look for the codes in popular sites to make your choice. It’s that easy.

The only disadvantage to this is some of the codes listed may have already been redeemed by other players. It’s hard to tell whether the codes are eligible or not so it may be just a waste of your time if you spent so much time looking for a good code to redeem.

But on the plus side, you do get the money right away and you have a choice which casino you want. You can also see what casino has the best offers. You can also see what games are worth playing and how the structure can be. Sometimes, the best casinos you thought were cool may actually stink so at least you can make your choice when seeing what no deposit codes are being offered.

Casino Bonuses Explained

Whether online or offline, casinos are one of the popular entertainment outlets. Virtually anyone can play casino games. From the popular ventures of blackjack, the thought-provoking nature of poker to the luck-hitting slot games, casinos are the way to go to get more money and get more fun. It’s already evident when you go to casinos worldwide; thousands and thousands of people go to the casinos every night vying to get the luck of their lifetime. Will they get the millions they always wished for? Will they get winnings that lead to more winnings? Who knows… it’s always a chance to see if someone will strike it lucky. That’s the magic of casinos.

You’ve probably noticed already: online casinos have casino bonuses attached to them and their games. When you played a slot game, you’ve probably hit the casino bonus where the symbols multiplied your bets. When you played a blackjack game, you’ve probably gotten the bonus of doubles or splits more than anyone else. When you played poker, you’ve probably gotten the chance to make more bets than you could ever make initially. When you were loyal to a casino, they probably gave you more bonuses than a salary bonus.  So no matter what casino game you play or what casino you play in, there’s bound to be a bonus attached to them.

Casino bonuses are the kind of bonuses that casinos, especially those online, use to get more people into their casinos. They want to expand their reach and get more people to play. And that’s something cool; they’re really extra nice giving bonus bets so people can get started playing. From the save it all to the risk it all, there are bonuses that are fit for everyone. Just find the right casino and fire away!

Online Casino Bonus

The first type of bonus in casinos and games is the signup bonus. What kind of bonus is this? This bonus is given to players who decided to sign up in a casino. This bonus is more common in online casinos. Anyway…this bonus is designed to attract new players into the casino so that more and more of them can make trade in the respective casino. Some casinos offer $250 as a bonus for signing up and some offer $50 if you played a few games. Because of this method, a lot of people decided to join in on the fun because they already had a bonus bet to make use of. Whether you’re new in the scene or an old-timer, you can get yourself a bonus for signing up. But always remember to know the rules on how to get it or else, you won’t get the signup bonus.

The second type of bonus is the deposit bonus. Right from the name itself, the bonus is given to you if you make the deposit. Say for example you deposit $4000. You might get a bonus of $500 for doing that. This gives the incentive to the player because he has something extra to play with without having to spend his deposit. This bonus can be extended in various time periods so in a way it means that the more deposits the player makes, the more bonuses he gets for his deposits. The deposit bonus is also dependent on the percentage (some give out only 25% for example).

No Deposit Bonus

The third type is the no deposit bonus. As the name obviously implies, no deposit bonuses force you to not deposit anything. You’re probably thinking, “Are you out of your mind? What kind of maniac would do that?” Before you go crazy, listen: the bonus is for real. If you leave your balance empty for a while, the casino will fill in for you. It’s small though; some casinos deposit $10. But it does make a good impression because at least, the casino really wants you start playing. And they’re doing that with $10.

The fourth type is the High Roller. This is a variant of the deposit bonus. This time, if players make really large deposits, you’re given a bigger percentage back (if you make a big deposit of $3000, you’re given up to 50% back giving you $1500). This is truly for the high and mighty in casinos because really, are you willing to lose that much in your deposit all for the sake of bonuses? You’d have to have guts to even do that. Take caution before you do this bonus.

The fifth type of bonus is the Insurance Bonus. You might consider this a bonus because this is an action in which the casino pays back a percentage of what you’ve lost. So if you lost $400, you might be paid back half of it so you get $200 back. Not bad.

The sixth type of bonus is the Loyalty Bonus. This is a bonus you’ll get when you stick it out long with a casino. How does it work? When you play with a casino for a certain period of time, your status will increase up to the point you’ll become a VIP. When you have the status of VIP, you’ll get bonuses rewarding you for your continued patronage. It varies from casino to casino but hey, isn’t it cool being rewarded for being a loyal member?

The seventh type of bonus is the Reload Bonus. This is a bonus where when you reload your money, you’re given a bonus. It depends on the percentage on how much you get so reloading every now and then will net you not just your money but also a gift from the casino. This is almost similar to the deposit bonus but for reload bonus, it’s only the percentage not the limit of deposit.

The eighth type of bonus is the Monthly / Weekly Bonus. This bonus is similar to that of the other bonuses but for this one, it’s assigned on a specific day of the month where the casino will give you a great bonus. The only downside to this is you’re only able to get this once a month or once a week. It’s not something to look forward to all the time since you have other bonuses but this is like an extra bonus for you when the day comes.

The ninth type of bonus is the Banking Bonus. Now, where do you get the money you use for betting? Your credit card or any other bank card you use. If you want to take this bonus, you have to use the banking options the online casino offers. Some casinos find it hard to process the cards you may use because of various reasons (scams, issues with the system, etc.) so they list down banks and payment options that’s compatible with their casino. If you take any of the banking options they have, they’ll give you a bonus for that. It may not be much but getting an extra $200 just using their banking for deposits is a good incentive.

The tenth type of bonus is the Feature Promos. These are bonuses exclusively offered by the casino. You won’t see them in any other casino no matter how hard you look. But they’re not always promoted everyday since they’re only there for a limited time. But every now and then, the casino promotes new Feature Promos so it’s best to check it out when the casino offers a new promo.

The eleventh type of bonus is the Free Time and Balance bonus. This bonus has been recently introduced to the online casinos and so far, only a few casinos are using it. Basically, the casino will give you an amount of money to play with for a certain amount of time. If you win something with the money they gave you and the deadline expires, whatever you won is your winnings. But if you want to have them into your pocket, you need to make a deposit to get them. The free balance works almost the same way but for this bonus, there’s no time limit. It may not be much being able to play right away without any deposits or commitment yet is a good incentive to get into the action.

Finally, the last type of bonus is the Refer a Friend. This bonus is pretty simple: just refer a friend. The bonus works by letting the friend take your name and when the friend registers, he or she will write your name down in a referral box. Then, when he or she is registered, the casino will recognize that you referred them and you get a bonus for that. The friend also gets a bonus (the sign-up bonus). Depending on the casino, the bonus can vary from $50 up to $150. It may not be much but if you have hundreds of friends who would love to play casinos, you can refer all of them and get a large bonus.

Whether you’re planning to be loyal or you want try it out without commitment, online casinos have a lot of bonuses. These bonus types mentioned here aren’t the only bonuses out there so keep looking around and you’re bound to find a bonus well-suited for you. These bonuses are definitely incentives to try it out but always remember to read the fine print and see how they work or else, the bonus might be a bad thing to go for. So go out and there and find your bonus.