Online Gambling and Online Poker Terminology

If you are planning to gamble online or play any kind of game online, you have to be equipped with the proper vocabulary. This is because the online realm has its own language that includes slang, abbreviations and terms. In order to help you out, we are going to discuss some of the general terms that are used in the online world while focusing more on the terms used in online poker rooms and sports betting.

Online Gambling Terminology

There are terms that are dedicated to poker players while others are used by sports bettors. We will start with the ones that are used by poker players.

GG: It is short for “Good Game”. Players say that in order to show their respect to other players after a game ends.

B/C: It is a term used to indicate Betting and Calling any Raise. Players who do that usually have a very good hand.

B/F: It is the opposite of B/C as it indicates Betting and Folding to any Raise.

BR: It stands for Bankroll, which is the credit balance of the player.

CK: It is short for Check. It is when poker players don’t fold or raise.

DP: It refers to a type of poker. This type is “Draw Poker”

HE: It refers to another poker type, Texas Hold’ EM Poker.

HEAP: It refers to the advanced version of Texas Hold’ EM. It is short for Hold’ EM Advanced Players.

MTT: It refers to poker tournaments that include more than one table. It is an abbreviation for “Multi-Table Tournament”.

STT: It is the exact opposite for MTT as it refers to single tabled tournaments.

NH: It is what players say to congratulate other players for their win with a good hand. It is an abbreviation for “Nice Hand”.

NT: When players make a good try but they lose, other players say NT. It is an abbreviation for “Nice Try”.

PF: It is an abbreviation of “Pre Flop”. It is used to describe things that happen before the flop is dealt on the poker table.

PFR: It is an abbreviation for Pre Flop Raise, which refers to players who raise the bet before the 3 cards of the flop are dealt.

PL: It refers to the “Pot Limit”.

PP: It refers to Pocket Pair. It is when players have a pair in their pocket, the pocket is the two initial cards that players get.

WSOPME: It is a term that refers to the Main Event in the World Series of Poker.

WSOP: It is one of the biggest poker events in the world, The World Series of Poker.

The following terms are used by sports gamblers:

Action: It is a term that is used to describe the wager or the bet.

ATS: “Against the Spread”

Bad Beat: It refers to losing a lot of money in a bet.

Beef: A dispute or a difference in opinion between any two entities.

Bet Limit:  It is the maximum wager that can be expected by a bookie on a certain wager.

Book, Bookies & Bookmaker: These terms are used to refer to the establishment, organization or the individual that accepts bets and wagers on races and sporting events.

Chalk Eater: Chalk refers for the favorite and a Chalk Eater is the gambler who bets on the house’s favorite.

Even Money: It is a bet that pays players the same amount of money that they placed as wagers. They are the bets that pay one to one.

Exotic Bet: It refers to any wager that is not a straight or a parlay bet.

Favorite: It is the person or the team that is favored to be the winner.

Figure: The amount of money that the bookie owes players and vice verse.

Firing: It is when players place a lot of bets with large amounts.

1st Half Bet: It is a wager whose result is determined after the first half of the match ends and not the whole match.

Home Field Advantage: It is the advantage that a team has when it plays in its home court or stadium. This is because of the support of the fans and the effects of travelling on the other team.

Off the Board: It is a sporting event that is not located on the board. This means that the bookie does not accept any bets on that game.

Score: It refers to winning a large amount of money from a bet.

Stiff: A sports gambler who never pays what he owes to other players or bookies.

Straight Bet: It is a bet on the winner of a match or a race.

General Terms Used in Online Gambling Chat and Online Poker Chat

We will start with the common terms that can be used in any game or even while you are casually chatting. These terms are the following:

BRB: It is said by players who are going away for a while, maybe to get a drink or go to a bathroom. It is short for “Be Right Back”.

GTG: It is said by players who have to leave as it is short for “Got To Go”.

LOL: It indicates laughter as it stands for “Laughing Out Loud”. Of course, people online always overstate what they are feeling. Therefore, when players say LOL, they are not actually laughing that loud but they are smiling or simply chucking to what was said or what has happened.

AFK: It is when players go “Away From Keyboard”.

LMAO: “Laughing My A%$ Out”.

ROFL: “Rolling on the Floor Laughing”. Once again, it is overstating the reality as players are not really rolling on the floor, or else, they would not be able to type it.

ROFLMAO: “Rolling on the Floor Laughing My A** Out”.

WTH: It shows disbelief and shock. It is short for “What The Heck” as well as “What The Hell”.

WTG: It is a term used to encourage other players as it is short for “Way To Go”.

OMG: It is another term that indicates shock & surprise. It is short for “Oh My Gosh” or “Oh My God”.