How to Qualify for the World Series of Poker

Poker. It’s one of the most popular casino games where people from all walks of life bet their chips for a shot at the big winnings. From the folds to the calls, poker can be quite unpredictable. You never really know what happens; one minute you’re gleaming with pride then the next minute, you’re frowning with shame. Sometimes the worst position may actually become the best position taken.  Anything can happen in the world of poker and that’s why it’s a popular game around the world. And that’s the magic of poker games.

Because of its popularity, poker has taken quite an interesting road to become a worldwide phenomenon. For almost 200 years, poker has taken its place in the offline world and the online world. Millions upon millions of dollars are traded every day and every year. People fold, people raise, people call and people bluff. And because of poker’s surge into the world of casino games, it’s also made itself into a worldwide event for tournaments. While there have been many poker tournaments over the years, there has been one poker tournament that has become a worldwide hit. Enter: The World Series of Poker.

The World Series of Poker is where all the action is. It’s the biggest poker tournament ever. Every year, thousands and thousands of players come flocking to the World Series to compete against the best of the best. It’s a fierce competition and anything, like a typical poker game, can happen at anytime. The prize pot in the World Series is life-changing much like the progressive jackpot you get in slot machines. The World Series of Poker is THE place to be to show your mad skills in poker.

You can be master of one poker site but are you the master of poker worldwide? Only one way to find out: qualify for the World Series of Poker. That’s right: become a competitor. Why limit your prowess in local games when you can become the master worldwide? You’ll no doubt get a recognition from many people for your skills. You’ll be able to show everyone that you’re not some local who’s only good at the local poker games. You’ll be able to prove to everyone that you’re the player not to be messed with.

But before you can go claim that recognition, you need to qualify for the World Series of Poker. Doing that though is no easy feat. It’s not as simple as walking into the office of the tournament and tell the manager you want to participate. You need to do a few things before you can become a competitor in the World Series of Poker. It may take a while but hey, if you truly want to show the world your poker skills, what have you got to lose?

Before you go qualify for the WSOP, here’s a few things you don’t need to do to qualify:

  Don’t worry if you’re not much of an expert. Don’t think you need to be that much of a master. WSOP doesn’t measure your mastery of the poker. All they need is someone who can win the WSOP qualifying matches or who can pay the $10,000 fee. Even a rookie poker player can qualify.

  Stop worrying about points system. Seriously, don’t even think about points systems here. You don’t need to rack up those silly points like “get up to 30 and the seat is yours”. There was never any poker points system to begin within WSOP.

Now that you know what you don’t need to do, here are the ways to qualify for the World Series of Poker, if you plan on showing the world your pokerface:

1. Pay up the hefty fee of $10,000. Read that sentence one more time and look at the amount. $10,000?! Yes, player, you read that right. If you want to get in as easily, you can pay the hefty fee of $10,000. This is the required amount for an easy entrance. If you won at your local bingo event or your parents gave you the amount as a graduation gift or you sold your house, you can pay up for the fee. If this doesn’t convince, consider Joseph Hachem. He won the World Series of Poker 2005 all by just paying $10,000. See? He took the risk and got something big in return. If you plan on using this step, you’ll need to save up all the money you can. Just make sure you get your $10,000 legally and morally. Don’t try to do things that break the law or break yourself. It’s not worth it if you’ll do things that will just ruin you inside and out.

2. Join a qualifying tournament to get into the World Series of Poker (WSOP). If you still want to save your hefty amount, then you can try another option: joining a qualifying tournament. This means you’ll have to play against other players who feel they deserve a spot in the WSOP. You’ll play a lesser fee. While this is a cheaper option, you have to remember: you’re fighting against other people. You’ll need to make sure you’re well-prepared to beat them all for a chance to get a seat in the WSOP.

3. Play online matches. You can also try playing WSOP online matches. While it’s not going to guarantee a spot, the WSOP sponsor online fights so they can see who is worthy of the spot in the WSOP. Pay up a fee of between $100 – $1000 and you have to fight other players to get the spot in the WSOP. Like no.2, you’ll be against other people so make sure you’re prepared. You can also go for the cheaper option, where you have to fight other people for a chance to get a seat in the WSOP online matches. The fees are between $1 – $40. I there anything lower than that? No, only the qualifying online matches for the WSOP online matches are the lowest. If you truly want to get into the WSOP easily if you’re taking these online options, go for the $100 – $1000 because you’ll have a better chance in entering the WSOP. The cheaper options aren’t always a guarantee to get into the seats of these qualifying tournaments so it’s better to take your chances and join the qualifying tournaments.

4. Play WSOP-supported online matches if you’re playing in a different casino. If you can’t possibly get into the WSOP online matches, you can try playing in other different casinos that have a support for the WSOP. It may be a long shot but you might as well try. The database keeps growing so keep a look out for any matches that are supported by the WSOP and has qualifying status. Maybe the casino you play online has these matches already up and running so take the chance and go for it. They may even offer cheaper fees than the official WSOP matches so better go for it while it’s still there.

5. Join different matches to increase the chances. If you want to make your chances of getting into the WSOP big, then the best way to do that is to join several matches. You can set aside an amount of money and start winning some matches. You never really know; you might just see yourself playing in the WSOP right away. And at the very least, you don’t have to risk $10,000 when you lose during the WSOP.

So now you have an idea on how to qualify for the World Series of Poker. Now once you’ve get in the WSOP matches, you’ll be in a very different environment. No longer will you be in the comfort zone of where you were able to beat all the players against you. In the WSOP, you’ll be fighting not just local players but also worldwide players. This includes celebrity players so you might happen to fight against Jennifer Tilly (a well-known WSOP player as well). Also, you need to keep your cool and put your poker face on because in the WSOP, there’s no mercy. Anything can happen so you’d better watch your back as you tread through the high-paced action of the WSOP.

So that’s about it for the qualifications of the WSOP. From the $10,000 fee to the qualifying matches, you’ve got ways to join the elite players of the WSOP. While it’s not going to be quite an easy feat to join, you still have a chance. Remember to keep your cool as you make your way to the WSOP and even if you lose the qualifications, you can always go for the other events. But if you do get in the WSOP, remember to keep your poker face on. It’s going to be an event where the true master of poker is shown. Are you worthy of being part of the World Series of Poker? Are you the poker player everyone will talk about? There’s only one way to find out: qualify for the World Series of Poker.