Online Gaming Guide – How to Play Slots

Slot machines, simply known today as slots in online and land-based casinos, are one of the most popular entertainment games of all time. Though luck is the main concept of the game, understanding and being knowledgeable of the game should account for greater chances of winning. Here are some facts you may still not know of regarding slots.

Though most gamblers and casino players are fond of using internet or software-based slot machines at current, no modern day online gambling facilities and sites would have been possible without those large boxed type and shiny slot machines. Currently, slot machines symbolize the archetype of land-based casinos. No software or program could outmatch those vibrantly flashing lights, thrilling spinning reels and the sound of coins jingling when you manage to win. But where did slot machines really start?

History of Slots

According to records, the original and first ever slot machine was engineered by a man named Charles Frey in San Francisco, California. It is said that Frey was able to design a much practical automated mechanism and the entire slot machine in 1887. However, there were speculations that Frey wasn’t able to actually finish the machine until 1895. Because of the vast combinations of probable jackpots with the original poker card-based game, it seemed simply impossible to devise a plan that would make the machine capable of creating an automated payout system for all possible jackpot combinations. The inventor, Charles Frey, designed a contraption with three rotating reels that comprise a total of five designs, namely horseshoes, diamonds, hearts, spades and the Liberty Bell, which gave birth tothe machine’s name.

It wasn’t until a few decades, particularly 1976, until the first real video-based slot machine was engineered for commercial use. It was first introduced and used in an industrial suit located in Kearney Mesa, California.

Similar with any game or sport, online and land-based slots have their own set of rules that are strictly complied with by casino personnel and players. Though there are several types of slots you can find from casinos, the rules they adhere to are usually the same and a lot simpler to understand. In most cases, you would bet one to five, though some slots accept up to ten, coins for each spin. The value of the coins or credit you use will vary depending on the slot machine you’re playing in. Usually, each credit has values of 5 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, a dollar and 5 dollars as the highest value. Depending on your preference, you can find slot machines that have require you to place higher or lower bets. For example, if you choose to play in a slot that requires 25 cents and you entered 3 coins, your overall wager would amount to 75 cents for each spin.

After placing your bet, you simply click a button that will start spinning the reels and wait for a few seconds for the machine to display the results. Some old fashioned slot machines still use the lever mechanism, which requires you to pull on a stick rather than push a button. How much you win and what you do win will vary immensely on the placement that each reel stops. You can check out the gambling institution’s pay table lists which include the type and amount of the payouts that you can receive for corresponding winning combinations. Pay tables vary for different games so it is fairly crucial to learn and understand the goals and objectives before you participate in any slot machine. For instance, on one slot machine, landing on 3 bells may pay out 20-1, yet the same exact combination on a different slot may only pay 3-1.

Over the course of time, slot machines have enjoyed worldwide recognition as one of the best forms of adult game. Their popularity extends in different nations and communities, including Australia, Japan, New Zealand, UK and the US. There are some slight differences of how slot machines are played within each of these locations, such as the payment systems, jackpot prizes and the wager limits. Though these differences won’t really increase or decrease your chances of winning, understanding each of them will make you fully aware of how to play slots wherever you are in the world.

Versions of Slot Machines

Throughout the years, slot machines have been designed with different version or types. One common type of slots found in both land-based and online casinos are free slots, which have been rapidly increasing and offered by a wide array of sites and casinos. The slot type also goes by other names like Fun Games, Demos and Practice Games. Though you may be thinking you can play for free with these slots, don’t get too excited and thrilled about pushing the spinning button since you won’t be able to get any prizes even though you land on winning combinations. Another common slot type is Five-Reel. As the name implies, the slot machine’s traditional 3 wheels is added with another 2 reels on it. The 2 extra reels normally make the game a lot more thrilling and enable the player to make more possible winning combinations.

Slot Machine Strategy

There is no actual winning strategy or game play that you can adhere to in order to assure winning combinations for every spin of the reels. However, by learning and mastering strategies on playing slots, one is able to catapult their chances of landing those winning combinations by significant levels. One valuable strategy you should exercise is to play the maximum at all times. The payout percentage of many slot machines typically involves the Jackpot, particularly in non-progressive games. Thus, it is crucial to guarantee that you are qualified to win the jackpot on every spin. Another strategic move that will serve beneficial on your part is to play longer with single lines. If you wish to expand your playing for the entire evening or take quick breaks and save some bucks for an hour or so without completely diminishing your odds of winning, try to participate only on single payline machines.