Texas Hold ‘Em Tips

If you want a casino game that is chock full of risk but chock full of thrills and where players from around the world bet with all their chips, there’s nothing like the thrilling card game of poker. You can’t deny that; on TV or on the Internet, poker surges with charm and attitude as the players make the struggle to win all the bets put into the pots. You see celebrities, you see local champs, you see global successes… they’re all in it to win it. That’s the magic of poker: from holds to the bluffs, it’s a game where anything can happen. Even the unluckiest can become the luckiest in one sweep.

So you may say that poker might be your ticket to stardom or maybe might be your road to victory but don’t just waltz in and claim to be the master of all. You have to know how to play your poker right, especially the popular variant and the widely known being Texas Hold ‘Em. It’s not just a matter of making those so-called folds or bluffs; there are things you need to know and do before you can truly become the poker player everyone will look up to.

For the rest of this article, you’ll be reading on tips and tricks that will help you in your bid to become a poker master. Well, not YET a master but at the very least, you’ll be good at doing some poker. While some tips seem so basic, knowing them will help you out a lot when the situation goes from good to bad. So without further ado, here’s the tips and tricks for playing poker:

Practice your poker, player. Everything in life requires practice and in poker, it’s no exception. You cannot claim to be the master of poker until you’ve had your practice. Sure, you can watch as many World Championship Poker all you want but if you don’t practice what you see, how in the world will you know what’s the best hand out there? You’re just going to make yourself look like a fool when you’re thrust into the situation where pressure clutches on. When it comes to poker, your self-being is tested. The emotions, the body language, the motion… everything about a player’s hand can be seen. If you’re not well-trained in being under pressure, you’re probably just going to cry like a baby when you lose all those chips. You’d better watch out for that.

Choose your game wisely. When you want to go and play poker, you have to choose wisely. No matter if it’s online or offline, always know the rules and ideas of the poker. You should know if the poker is the Texas Hold ‘Em (the most popular form) or the other variants because if you choose the wrong poker game, you might end up losing all your chips applying the wrong methods.

Analyze your fellow players. The best poker player always has an idea who his competitors are. Practice analyzing your fellow players because sometimes, their hands have already been revealed. When you’re practicing your poker, it’s wise to see what your fellow players do. Are they ranting like monkeys? Are they as silent as ninjas? Are they making eye movements that show they’ve got the upper hands? Doing this often will give you a better view of what the table is like.

Use your bankroll strategically. As you play along with poker, your bankroll goes up and down in size. You have to make sure you use it strategically. Don’t just make big bets or small bets at once; give consideration on what hands you have. You have to make sure your bankroll can stay within a good amount so that way, when you decide to make bluffs or raises, you can use your bankroll to make those bold moves.

Think of folds with respect.
You might think folds are for suckers and babies. But don’t think like that because even folds have a place in the world of poker. See, when you fold, you’re making less of a risk to make your bankroll roll out into the pot or some other player’s hands If you happen to be a big bankroll holder, you’ll often get sighted for all that sweet chips you have so when you have that instinct to fold, go ahead and fold. But don’t overdo it because it shows you’re way too scared to make a move. Only fold in a strategic way.

Make the bluffs. You already know what a bluff is. This is where the poker player boasts that he has the best hand in the world (except in most cases, the poker player doesn’t). This move is used by the best poker players because they know that bluffing players can win them something they can’t always gain with honesty. It’s also a technique that has been used for years. Now, bluffing too much will just show everyone you’ve gotten overconfident but bluffing too little will just show you’re scared all the time. Know when and where to bluff so that way, you can keep yourself right on the top.

Take advantage of all the player positions. Don’t always think that the button, small and big positions are the best. You have to consider the early players as well because the best poker players knows how to take the game into their own hands. Play your game right and even the most advantageous player will fall apart when he finds out the flop became a success. So take advantage of all player positions and use it well to turn the game around when the going gets tough.

Forget the idea that poker will take years to master. If you’re disciplined and determined, you’ll be able to master poker in no time. You can’t expect to master it in 30 days though but at the very least, practicing with other players can teach you everything about how you are in the poker environment. Whether you’re a wrapped-up-under-pressure player or a calm player, keep playing and practicing your poker. You’ll never know if you’re truly a master in disguise until you try.

Bet wisely. When it comes to making bets in poker, be wise about it. Whatever position you’re in, always consider all the factors that will make your decision in betting easier. If you feel you’re on top of the world with the hands or if you feel like making the bold move that might just turn the game around, bet with pride. If you feel the world will blow up with your cards or if you feel like making that regretful move will lead to a regretful life, you’d better bet small. Always calculate your decisions before things get wary.

Learn from the best players. If you’re in need of a boost in skills, why not learn from the best? Watch poker tournaments and look at how players do their thing in poker. You might pick up a thing or two about how to play. You can also see the way they bluff, raise, call or fold. You can also see lively conversations take place. You can also see how the players try to man up one another just to get their winnings. Youtube, Google, Veoh, cable TV… check it out offline and online. Heck, maybe a friend of yours is the local champ. Watch him and play and start learning.

Read the books and apply. If watching isn’t your thing (but it’s still a recommendation to do so), you can always go to your local bookstore and read some books about poker. Don’t go for those books laid out with theories; the poker players will just get bored to death with you muffing out theories of pokers (don’t try to think that it’s going to wade your way to win). Whatever you have read in the books you can try applying them in your next game.

Know the hands. Before you go out and play your poker, you’d better make sure you got the basics down. You cannot barge in and not remember the hands that are the best in the game. You can’t make yourself look like an embarrassment when the hand you thought was awesome was actually the worst you can get. Remember that.

Lastly, have some fun! Don’t get so serious about poker, player. It should be fun. You’re just going to the precinct if you choke any of the players that piss you off. Have some fun. And also, always remember to be humble in winning and graceful in losing.

So there you go, the tips and tricks of poker. They may not make you the instant master of poker games worldwide but at least you’ll have an idea on how to play it well. From the bluffs to the knowledge to the learning, these tips will lead you to victory, if you use them right of course. So make sure you’ve got discipline, determination, perseverance and patience as you go along playing poker. So go ahead player and have a blast of a time as you play a good game of poker.