Texas Hold Em Player Position

In almost any casino game, there are a number of players who gather to play. From blackjack to roulette, it’s common to see maybe 4-10 players go around making some bets to get lucky with winnings. The games often have a position for players that must be fulfilled to maintain a flow of the game. You can’t just barge in and claim to be the star; you need to know the position of a player so you can get your winnings into the amount you desire the most.

When it comes to poker, specifically the popular variant Texas Hold Em Poker, player position is very important in maintain the flow of the game. If you think poker is just nothing but players and dealers, you’re missing a lot of essentials. Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, knowing the player positions in Texas Hold ‘Em will not only get your more winnings but will lead you to the victory of the winning the pot. So put down your cards and have a view of what player positions are in Texas Hold Em.

So what are the player positions in Texas Hold Em? First, you have the early position. This is the regular player position taken by default. After the big blind is done, this is where the players must make their calls, folds and raise. This is considered a make or break position in poker because first, you don’t know what the small blinds and big blinds have in their hands. Your only advantage is to hopefully make sure you have a good hand. Unless your second to the last when the button comes, you can use a bit of the button powers to make your options. Depending on what early position you may be in (first, middle or second to the last), you’ll need to make sure those bluffs, raises folds or calls aren’t going to ruin you.

Next, you have the button. What is the button? A shirt button? No, the button is the last player after everyone’s done their bets. He’s the player that sees everyone do their bets and analyzes whether they got the good hand or the band hand. You might think being the first player to bet is cool but actually, being the button gives you a huge advantage. First, if you see someone make a raise, it means he’s got the better hand so you can fold on that. Second, if you see everyone make folds or calls, you can either raise or call as well. You have the upper hand seeing all the players lay down their risks.

The next player position is the small blind. He’s located to the button’s left. Here, the small blind player makes the bet that’s half of the big blind. Say that the big blind is 50 chips; in that case, small blind player has to make a bet of 25 chips. Small blind players can fold their cards if they feel their cards stink like fish. In fact, they don’t risk any more chips because they’ve already made their bets.

The next one is the big blind. Here’s where the fun usually begins. So like the example previously mentioned, since small blind made a bet of 25 chips, big blind player has to make a bet of 50 chips. Although it might seem disadvantageous, big blind player can take the upper hand by bluffing. And like the small blind, he can always fold without risks.

All in all, the player positions button, small and big blinds are considered advantageous when it comes to poker because they’re known as late positions. You get to see how the whole table plays as they turn around taking the turns. You get to see who bluffs, who hesitates, who surrenders and who waits.

The early player positions are make or break and you usually need to be very sure if what you’ll do will get you a good position later on. Bluffing like you don’t what you’re doing will just make you look embarrassing. Still, even early players can warp the game into their hands. It’s a matter of gut and instinct and luck.

There you have it: the player positions of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. From the early to the buttons, there’s always an advantage and disadvantage for the positions. While it is clear that the button and blinds are the best, sometimes the early players can take the game into their hands. It’s all about making the best decisions. This means you have to calculate your risks and doing what you feel is right. Whatever position you’re in, take advantage of it and win the poker games with style.