Online Gaming Guide on How to Play Roulette

Roulette is a classic casino game that was originated in France. While some historians date the game back to the 1700’s in Paris, Monte Carlo is said to be the first area to play the game in the 18th century. Patterned after the famous English game Ace of Hearts, this game was slow to gain attention at its inception. It was around the middle 1800’s, when Francois and Louis Blanc change the wheel and it started gaining in popularity. They removed the double zero on the Roulette wheel, thus creating a stronger odd for the player. With the removal of these double zeros, players soon begin showing interest in the game. This would later be known as European Roulette.

Some people thought the game was diabolic, because when adding all the numbers together on the wheel, it adds up to the number 666. This number is considered to be the mark of the beast, according to Christian religion. People, especially Christians, were not accepting of the game at first, because of this key factor. It is also said that Francois Blanc, sold his soul to the devil in order to obtain the secrets on how to manipulate the wheel. While it is uncertain how these myths began, thankfully they were short lived.

Online Roulette

The objective of Roulette is to select the winning numeral, which will show up on the Roulette wheel. One can select one number to play or choose a combination of numbers. One also has the option of selecting a color and if the number will fall on an odd or even integer. While it sounds as simple as 1, 2, 3, it is quite a bit more difficult than it sounds. When playing this game, one must purchase Roulette chips in advance. Each player will receive a specific color of chips; this avoids confusion as the game is being played. These chips have no cash value anywhere else in a real casino; they only have value at the Roulette table.

Each online casino will have a minimum bet and also a maximum bet per game. Where the bets become a little confusing is, one is not able to combine both inside and outside bets. For instance, if a bet is $6.00, then the player can be $6.00 on the inside and outside, but they cannot bet $3.00 and $3.00. There are several different bets that a player can wager, for the inside they are: straight up, street bets, basket bet, corner bet, split bet, quad bet, and double street bet. The outside bets are: red black odd and even, dozens bet and column bets. At a traditional casino, the Roulette dealer is called a croupier. It is the croupier’s job to spin the wheel until the ball falls into one of the slots. No bets are allowed to be made, once the ball is winding down and about to find a resting spot in a number slot.

There are basically two different versions of Roulette, plaid both online and in the casinos. The two versions are American and European. The European wheel has a total of 37 slots, while the American wheel has 38 slots. In the American version of Roulette, the wheel has a double zero and because of the double zero’s it changes the odds. The odds on an American Roulette wheel are 35:1. The European Roulette wheel, has only one zero, which changes the odds. The chances of winning seems to be greater in the European version, simply because of the one zero. Because of the zero factors, many people choose to play the European version over the American one. There is a great deal of casino’s that are originated from European countries, so those who are interest in the European version of the game can easily play online.

Many people have studied how to beat the Roulette table, including Albert Einstein. For centuries, people have been looking for a mathematical pattern in how to arrange their best so that they can turn the odds in their favor. The house has always had the edge, even Albert Einstein said: “The only way to beat Roulette is to steal the money when the dealer’s not looking.” Per say, there is no unique strategy for winning the game. Some players have their own little patterns they use while playing. Basically, there are two strategies that are used in an attempt to beat the house, double street quad Strategy, and the five quad strategies.

Betting on Roulette

In the double street quad strategy, the player will wager six chips per each spin. This betting method allows one to cover 17 numbers on the wheel. Consequently, this only leaves five slots on the wheel which does not have a bet. The odds are in favor of the player, especially since only a small fraction of the wheel does not have a bet going. In the five squad strategy, the player will make five bets, usually around the corners. They bet a single number. Using this strategy, a player covers 21 of the numbers on the wheel. The design of both of these strategies is trying to extend playing time at the roulette wheel. The payouts are not as grand as those who hit on pure luck spins; however, constant small winnings can add up as well. The important thing to remember is that one is not going to get rich by using these strategies, but it is a great deal of fun.

While many people have tips and suggestions on how to take down the house, it is purely just a game of luck. In fact, the best advice to a player in a casino is always play when the table is full. Having several players will in fact slow the games progression down. When the game is running at a slower speed it reduces the amount of money one has at risk, which also increased the comp time. Whether playing roulette online or in a casino, it is a great deal of fun. The house seems to always win, but sometimes lady luck is on the players’ side.