Everywhere you go, you can’t deny that people love their slot games. Movies, TV shows, real life… you’ll see a lot of people playing slot games. It’s always a sight to behold knowing people are waiting to win the jackpot of their lives. Oh yes! Just pull the lever and presto, the winnings are multiplied! It’s a never-ending quest to get those winnings up to the point that it will change your life. But wouldn’t it be cool if a slot machine could give you a life-changing jackpot? The kind of jackpot only millions could only dream of? Well, there’s actually a slot game that can give you that and those are called jackpot slot games.

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots are slot machines that have jackpots attached. Before you get ahead of yourself, you have to realize this though: winning the jackpot isn’t that easy. In fact, you’d need a bottle of luck or even a truckload of luck because hitting that jackpot is second to none. But if you’re lucky enough, you might actually get it.

Anyway… jackpot slot machines come in different types. The first type is the fixed jackpot slot machines. These jackpots are always fixed no matter how many times it is won so you don’t have to worry about it being reduced if someone won. It also has a fixed limit so if the max jackpot is $20,000, then that’s the amount. Sorry if you thought it might reach millions. There’s also a fixed way of getting the jackpot and you need to bet max to get it so tough luck if you bet minimum. The second type is the progressive jackpot slot machine. Now these slot machines give you something most slot machines can’t: a progressive, growing jackpot. By taking portions of gamers’ bet, you’ll be seeing the jackpot grow and grow until it goes into the millions. Now what if you won that? It’s time to hit the beaches in the Bahamas and enjoy the sunset.

Jackpot Progressives

There are also different types of progressives. The first progressive is the stand-alone. By its name, stand-alone progressive only take a portion of bets on the machine alone. So players who play on the slot machine get their bets taken and that’s it. The jackpot is dependent on how many people play on the machine. The second progressive is the in-house. In-house progressives are slot machines connected with other slot machines that make the overall jackpot grow. So imagine a stand-alone progressive then multiply it by, say, 10. You’ll have 10 machines working together to contribute to the jackpot. That’s going to be big right? And the in-house progressive is owned by the casino so they have a bit of control how the progressive is functioning. The third and last type of progressive is the wide area. Now this one is like the in-house but the machines are connected through a state or the whole country. Unlike in-house progressives, wide area progressives are owned by different companies so the casino house that has them don’t own them. This is where the life-changing jackpots are because a lot of people all around the country. The progressive jackpot could already be in the millions when you play.

While these are the types of jackpot slots out there, many companies have turned progressives and fixed jackpot slots into big attractions in the slot machine world. They don’t let the jackpot limit stop them; they’ll make their own limits and let people have a crack at the jackpot for the prize. This is especially true for companies like Cryptologic and Microgaming who have taken the jackpot slots to a whole new level in the online casino market.

If you try Googling all their games, you’ll know that ever slot game they make has a jackpot. Some jackpot limits are $20,000 and some are almost half a million dollars. And they take the mechanics of unlocking them the jackpot and make their own mechanics. It’s a crazy, crazy world out there when you want to win the jackpot but the developers really want to make it fun. They don’t even leave you empty-handed; you still win a good amount of winnings despite not winning the jackpot.

Slot Games Online

When it comes progressive jackpots, the developers take it up a notch. Since the slot games are online, you can expect the jackpot to go up and up every month because people all around the world have access to it. You can even see a chart on how well the jackpot is progressing. Who knows: you might end up at the highest peak of the jackpot when you play.

So that’s how jackpot slots work. Whether it’s fixed or progressive, you’ll never really know if you’ll snag the prize of the biggest jackpot ever until you take your chances. But will you win? Is it your time? You’re just going to have to make the bet and find out!